Todd Michaels

Todd Michael's presents his show LIVE from a radio studio in Los Angeles.

 What’s the thing you like most about living in Los Angeles?
The weather.  Its perfect most days.  Sunshine and warm temperatures.  

What’s the thing you like least about living in Los Angeles?
The weather.  As much as I love it, I miss the changing of seasons.  There is something special about falling leaves in the autumn and snow for Christmas.

Is Youthcomm the only station you present on?
No.  In fact I do 7 radio shows daily, Monday through Friday.  A total of 37 per week when you include a few shows on the weekend.  What can I say, I love radio.

When you get free time, what do you enjoy doing?
I work on a paranormal documentary series on Amazon Prime.  I love investigating haunted locations and trying to find evidence of the “afterlife”.

Dogs or cats?
I’m definitely a dog guy.  I like all animals, but there’s nothing like having a dog in your life.  My dog, Winston, is the very best.  

First thing you wanna do when you get to visit Worcester:
Grab a curry take-a-way and hit a pub for a pint.

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