Owen Lowe

A few minutes with Owen to see what makes him tick...

What time do you have to go to bed to be up for the Breakfast Show?

I’m normally in bed by 8pm - I love my sleep so sometimes I’m in bed all day!

Favourite places in Worcestershire?

The Malvern’s are stunning, as is the Worcestershire Way – I’ve walked it all for charity. Down by the River Severn at Browns is favourite weekend destination when the sun's out.

What is your pet called?

Hugo, he’s a pug with one eye. He gets very excited whenever he sees me. He once got so excited his eye fell out!

Most awkward moment on the radio?

Last year I got stuck in the loo whilst I was on air! The door handle snapped and I was stuck in there!  Luckily, there was somebody else in the building who took over whilst I was being rescued. That certainly wasn’t a bog-standard show!


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