Julian Wharam

Favourite places in Worcestershire?

This is a tough one because our county is THE best place in the UK, hands-down. Chilling with a cool drink on the banks of the Worcester Riverside and Cathedral Square with Mrs W come high up my list. Taking our Frenchie for walks up the Malverns or through the gardens of Whitley Court are a close second. And then there is the awesome choice of Worcester bars after dark to choose from! Best not get me started. 

What is your pet called?

We have a Frenchie called Dottie, a cat called Mango and a tank full of fifteen tiny fish. One of the fish has a name because he survived a Christmas Day disaster in 2014 when all of the others perished due to a fault with the heater. He survived, bless him, so we call him Jesus. Dottie and Mango are both as mad as a brush so they fit right in to the Wharam family!

Most awkward moment on the radio?

I love it when the unexpected happens on a live radio show! That's the magic of radio, and why I love being part of Youthcomm. Is that a cop-out answer? Ok, there was this one time when a producer snatched a script out of my hand while I was reading it, for a prank. I had to cut the travel news short because I ran out of things to say! I don't think the boss noticed at the time...