Julian Wharam

sectional julian


3 words that best describe you...  Optimistic,  Showbiz, 

If I wasn’t working at the radio station, I’d be... The new James Bond (I'm waiting for the offer).

My celebrity crush is... Wonder Woman. 

The song that best describes me is... Oh What A Night.

I have a fear of... Running out of grape juice.

If I could have dinner with one person it would be... Anybody as long as they're paying. 

I bet you didn’t know I could... Play the recorder.

My favourite movie is... Jaws! Ner ner ner ner.

The ultimate TV show is... Frasier "You're on the air, I'm listening". 

The song that I can listen to on repeat and never get tired of is... The Weeknd, “Save Your Tears”

I hate it when... When the summer ends. 

My favourite place to eat out is... The Himalayan Restaurant Worcester!

My favourite place to hang out on weekends is... The seasonal aisle in the supermarket where I can press all the buttons on the toys to see what they do. 

My very first job was... Volunteering at the local radio station. Fun times! 

I couldn’t do without... Sunny summer days and music.