Saturday, February 27th, 2021

  • 12:00am

    Non Stop Youthcomm

    Worcestershire's Hit Music, non-stop!

  • 7:00am

    Fran Sheridan

    Join Fran every Saturday between 7am and 10am with Worcester’s Hit Music! He also brings you Frans Freaky Facts and news on whats happening across 'The Faithful City' over the weekend

  • 10:00am

    Julian Wharam

    Join Julian for more of Worcestershire's Hit Music!

  • 1:00pm

    Rick Simmonds

    Join Rick every Saturday afternoon for more of Worcestershire's Hit Music!

  • 4:00pm

    Olle Grove

    Olle Grove has more Hit Music for Worcestershire on Saturday afternoons!

  • 6:00pm

    Chris Buckley

    Join Chris for Youthcomm Radio Throwbacks! The songs you remember as you grew up in Worcester.

  • 8:00pm

    Saturday Night Party - With Paul Ellery

    The best party tunes from the last 30 years! The songs you remember from Images, Tramps and Bushwackers when you were growing up!